Frizz is 'worst hair malfunction', says majority of US women

Most popular quick-fix solution is straightening

Frizzy hair is an age-old problem that consumers the world over have long perceived as undesirable, doling out their hard-earned cash to fix.

However, new research by Alberto VO5 has confirmed that not only does frizz continue to pose a problem for many, but it is now the most dreaded hair 'malfunction' among women in the US. Today 62% of women consider frizzy hair to be their worst hair dilemma. But what are their favoured remedies? The survey revealed that straightening is the first port of call for 43% of those surveyed, while 39% combat the issue by putting their hair into an up-do.

Frizz can occur as a result of a number of different factors, with moisture and humidity among the most commonly recognised – two avenues beauty manufacturers continue to innovate around. However, it can also come as the result of a static reaction from clothing, and even dehydration. On a structural level, hair becomes frizzy when the cuticle of the shaft becomes raised or roughed up as opposed to smooth.