GEKA products at MakeUp NY Innovation Tree

Published: 20-Aug-2019

GEKA's sustainable packaging solution for mascara is part of the Innovation Tree Products at Make Up in New York 2019

Presented for the very first time at MakeUp in Paris in June 2019, the green packaging solution has now been selected by the Make Up IT Products Committee and will be part of the Make Up in New York Innovation Tree.

vertTENTATION – GEKA's green packaging solution

The collection “vertTENTATION” is a huge step into sustainable packaging for the cosmetics industry. It presents GEKA's brand-new green mascara development.

The bottles are made of 100% food con-firm PCR-PET, produced out of post-consumer PET-A bottle scraps by extrusion with high vacuum de-gassing, melt filtration and SSP.

Caps are made of 100% PCR-PP, produced out of post-consumer PP scraps, e.g., yoghurt cups or detergent bottles. The included brushes are made of bio-based fibers of GEKA's greenLINE fiber, that is consisting of 100% renewable raw materials derived from the castor oil plant.

The corresponding wiper is made of LLDPE with a bio-based content of 84 percent, derived from sugar cane. In addition, it partially consists of recycled PIR-LDPE material from internal GEKA production. Grinding stock is reused by placing it into the recycling process, that way reducing mate-rial waste to a minimum.

vertTENTATION consists of 3 mascaras: the first performs for heavenly lengthening, the second cre-ates lovely lash definition and the third mascara conjures up a great volume effect. These mascaras are all paired with vegan mascara formula free of parabens, allergens and black carbon for a clean product in terms of material and texture.

The mascaras appear in an eco-friendly makeup bag from GEKA Accessories. The bag combines the eco materials cork and canvas and comes up in an amazing chic design.

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