Gillette helps shift stigmas with new Best a Man Can Get campaign

The new initiative is a celebration of what is important to the modern man

Gillette's Pro Shield razor

Male grooming brand Gillette has released a new campaign video rebranding its famous tagline The Best A Man Can Get.

The video appeals to men in the modern world taking on contemporary tasks, including dads doing the school run and cyclists shaving their legs.

Creative company Grey London was tasked with the rebrand.

Grey London’s GCD Will Adam said: “Gillette has always wanted be to be the best they can be and these days that’s about so much more than simply looking good on the outside.

“It’s about looking inside and figuring out what kind of man you want to be.”

He continued: “It’s no longer acceptable to tell men to man up, bottle it up and show no weakness. This campaign aims to celebrate the virtues that mean something to modern men.”

Gillette first released the initiative in 1989 and has been formulating shaving products for over 100 years.

Its Brand Manager Matt Thomas said: “As a brand we strive to help men look, feel and be the best man they can be.

“This campaign provides a powerful platform for Gillette to demonstrate both its relevance and its superior product quality.”

The campaign will roll-out across print, digital and social media.