How to overcome language barriers and expand your e-commerce business

Cosmetics Business has created a simple plan to help you use domain names to expand your beauty empire

Pricesearcher is a UK-based search engine with a library of 100% unbiased prices of millions of products from around the globe.

Cosmetics Business caught up with Ben Morgan, Head of Partnerships at Pricesearcher.

Here he talks about how beauty brand's can development internationally and demystifies e-commerce global expansion.

Ben Morgan

What guidelines for cosmetics companies do you have when they set up their first website?

A company’s first website should always be in its native language.

Retailers can use a number of easy, out of the box options for setting up a first website, including:

  • Wordpress - which makes up around 20% of all websites – with the Woo Commerce plugin to make it into a shoppable e-commerce site.
  • Shopify, a purpose-built e-commerce platform which has become one of the major players in online retail.

What are the advantages, in today's hyper-connected market, of having websites in different languages?

Displaying a site in the native language of the targeted country will help improve the SEO of the product page.

When selling to a consumer, the site should always be available in his or her own language – unless the product is in high demand and the customer has no other way of getting it.

What is the best strategy when launching a website in another language?

Generally, if a retailer is using a site only they will find it very difficult to rank prominently outside of the UK on keywords that aren’t the brand or product name.

Companies can generate a significant % of their traffic from overseas with a domain but this occurs typically when an international marketplace footprint is complemented with a strong, localised content marketing strategy.

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