IDEA regulatory advice for the cosmetic industry


Managed by Dr Claudine FIORAVANTI, Pharm.D., Eurotox expert, it offers a complete range of regulatory services

IDEA Legal is the IDEA TESTS GROUP subsidiary dedicated to regulatory advice and expertise for the cosmetic industry, whether for finished products or raw materials. Managed by Dr Claudine FIORAVANTI, Pharm.D., Eurotox expert, it offers a complete range of regulatory services.

Within the framework of European Regulation (EC 1223/2009), a team of Eurotox toxicologists offers personalised support for the market launch of every kind of cosmetic product to ensure their compliance and safety.

Legal support for cosmetics

A strong relationship between IDEA Clinic, IDEA Lab and the sales team of the IDEA TESTS GROUP guarantee a fast, secure and cost effective process at all cosmetics development stages.

At the very first stages of product development, IDEA Legal performs a cross analysis of the formulae and the potential claims. This allows the client to quickly compile a complete check list of the tests that have to be done and the related budget.

Once the required tests are done, the formulae validation and labelling validation can be finalised. Before launching the products on the European market, IDEA Legal assists the cosmetics company to realise totally or partially the compulsory file requested by the European Regulation: the Product Information File (PIF), including the Cosmetic Product Safety Report Part A (Cosmetic Product Safety Information) and Part B (Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment).

IDEA Legal can also help its customers with the European Commission Notifications.

In addition, the team offers other regulatory services, such as bibliographical research, regulatory monitoring, toxicological synthesis for ingredients and general regulatory and technical advice.


The IDEA Legal team, and its two Eurotox Experts, with more than twenty years experience, is supported by a strong business orientated IT tool: developed by the company, the software COSMEO is a toxicological raw material database monitoring the toxicological profile of around 21,000 cosmetic ingredients. This software is used in combination with the reknowned Coptis software.

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