Iberchem presents Vernocaps, the company's own biodegradable fragrance encapsulation technology

Published: 6-May-2022

A sustainable encapsulation alternative suitable for home care and personal care applications

After several years of work by its fragrance technology department, Iberchem today presents VernovaCaps, its new biodegradable fragrances capsules. Iberchem’s Vernovacaps is the second biodegradable fragrance encapsulation technology to be released on the market. It is also the only one with a biodegradability corresponding to the OECD’s standards of Readily biodegradable (greater than 60% within 28 days) with further degradation afterwards. Our first variant of Vernovacaps has been formulated for fabric softeners but will eventually be extended to other range of products such as personal care.

Vernovacaps adds another milestone in the company’s sustainability program and is a new addition to Iberchem’s Green Future portfolio of sustainable fragrance solutions. Vernovacaps is available to all Iberchem’s customers worldwide. The new fragrance technology not only offers a high level of biodegradability, but also consists of a minimum of 60% bio-based materials. Vernovacaps meets ECHA’s (European Chemical Agency) proposed 2022 legislation on microplastics and 2027 ban on non-biodegradable microplastics due to its high level of biodegradability.

“The fragrance technology department worked closely with the perfumers of Iberchem to present a new biodegradable capsules that meets the customers’ expectations on both olfactory and performance levels,” said Michael White, Fragrance Technologies Director at Iberchem. “Our new Vernovacaps offer stable and robust fragrances that are not affected by the encapsulation process. To be among the very firsts companies in the fragrance industry to offer such fragrance solution demonstrates Iberchem´s capabilities and positions us as one of the leaders in fragrance technology solutions.”

Vernovacaps is a fantastic option for companies looking for performance while contributing to their company’s sustainability ambitions. The new technology offers the same performance as Iberchem traditional encapsulation technology NeoCaps®.

Iberchem’s capsules are known to extend the fragrance performance in the latter stages of the laundry process, such as after drying, ironing, during storage or even while wearing. The new VernovaCaps are the perfect solution for a product to deliver the same long-lasting fragrance experience while addressing sustainability.

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