In-cosmetics Global winners 2017: The full list

The Make-up Bar Award and the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Flash Cosmetics Pitch were two new awards launched this year

More than 100 cosmetics suppliers across the globe hoped their development would be named an in-cosmetics Global 2017 award winner.

This year’s ceremony was hosted by President of CEW UK Caroline Neville who presented two new awards, the Make-up Bar Award and the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Flash Cosmetics Pitch.

"Innovation from raw materials is the basis of creativity in the market place for finished products,” said Neville.

“Without the technical, savoire-faire many of the products that delight consumers today would not exist."

The full list of winners at the in-cosmetics Global awards.

Best ingredient


  • Laboratoires Expanscience - Passioline
  • Passioline is a concentrate of the maracuja fruit juice. According to the judges, it has shown remarkable efficacy in tissue repair, cell regeneration and anti-inflammatory properties that help it smooth any kind of skin imperfections.

  • Ashland - FiberHance BM Solution
  • FiberHance BM Solution is a patented ingredient designed to strengthen and repair internal hair fibers by creating additional bonds within the hair structure.


  • Gattefossé
  • Lipotec
  • Hallstar
  • Inter Actifs – Aceto Corporation
  • Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Sensory award


  • Biesterfeld - Body & Seoul
  • Body & Seoul is a formulation kit containing seven products, such as a cleansing oil and overnight lip mask, that have been influenced by Asian trends.


  • Emulfeel
  • Evonik

The Make-up Bar Award

For most innovative developments in colour cosmetics
  • Ronald Britton - Bio-glitter
  • Bio-glitter is based on a biodegradable film that is certified compostable. It does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms. It also offers highly reflective properties as a conventional glitter.


  • Lubrizol
  • Nikkol Group

Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s Flash Cosmetics Pitch


  • Nuritas
  • A digital biotech company from Ireland impressed the judges with its discovery of peptides from natural plant sources using artificial intelligence and DNA analysis.