Integrity is synonymous of authenticity

Integrity is a core value, a versatile concept, a constellation of positive values that are the basis of the philosophy and daily activity of Baralan, which reveals itself as “Integrity Ambassador”.

This means ambassador of those essential values both from a production point of view, from reliability to quality, and from an ethical one, always promoting the values which inspire the Baralan Group to achieve its mission, that are: excellence, passion, creativity and integrity.

Excellence in taking care of the customers’ needs to offer the best products and solutions, pursuing continuous improvement of processes, goods and services offered.

Passion, for beauty and daily work to ensure, every day, to customers and those working with and for the Baralan Group the full satisfaction of their needs and expectations.

Creativity, the essential value for the development of new ideas and innovation through the enhancement of individuality and teamwork. Integrity, respect for the rules, the environment and the safety of people; respect for the principles of fairness, equity, transparency, in order to ensure the highest ethical and professional standards.

The companies of Baralan Group aim at playing a leading role in the fields where they operate, and being a point of reference for the companies interested in the products offered.

Through their activities, the companies of Baralan Group seek not only to pursue their legitimate business growth targets and creating added value, but also to set fairness, equity, integrity, loyalty, and professional discipline, focusing on the full respect of the current legislation, as well as the compliancy with procedures.

A clear “ethical approach” in the action of the Baralan Group which, thus, results in the transparency, and honesty of behaviours.

Therefore, the values of Baralan embrace all the different phases of the value chain: an attitude which involves the whole development process of a product, enhancing with transparency the features and the functionality as well as the service, which fully provides a 360° customer experience.

Hence, the result is a reliable, esthetically impactful and durable packaging, a promise of the intrinsic and long-lasting quality of the formula contained, which is safeguarded and protected in its purity and identity.

The meaning of this attitude for Baralan supports the way of working of its people and leads the decision process, outlining the culture of the company.

Baralan thus commits to act always in the name of fairness and transparency both internally and externally, developing positive and long-lasting partnerships.

Therefore, for Baralan, integrity becomes authenticity of action and product reliability with a clear responsibility towards its customers and the market, which today more than ever needs certainty.

Empathising with its own customers in an authentic way, offering a range of high quality products and services, is the added value of Baralan, a way of thinking but above all a way of operating.

Always acting with integrity and enriching credibility through an effective client service, a research for innovative products and a continuous enhancing of the brand image are all fundamental principles for Baralan, which become integral part of the strategy of the company itself.

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