Is K-beauty's multi balm trend about to go global?

By Jo Allen | Published: 20-Mar-2023

The multi-use moisturising sticks boost hydration throughout the day, resonating with skin care consumers' current needs

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Welcome to a new era of stick care: skin care that can be used anywhere, any time.

This is the premise of Korean brand Kahi’s marketing for its famed Multi Balm, a product at the centre of the K-beauty trend for moisturising sticks, and also widely known for its frequent product placements in Korean dramas such as The King: Eternal Monarch and Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The trend, led by Kahi’s pale pink Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm – which sells three every second in Korea, according to the brand – has blown up over the past couple of years, taking the stick format and elevating its use within an all-day skin care routine, more in line with ‘skip-care’ than 10-step K-beauty skin care.

The idea is that, rather than using a face cream twice a day, morning and evening, the stick moisturiser can be used throughout the day to boost skin hydration as needed.

K-beauty retailer Skin Cupid tells Cosmetics Business that sales of Kahi’s Multi Balm grew by 500% last year and consistently sold out throughout the year.

“With salmon collagen and Jeju fermented oil, Kahi’s product boosts collagen production in the skin, brightens, and minimises pores, all while creating a quick ‘glass skin’ look,” says Melody Yuan, CEO of Skin Cupid.

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