Is demand for gender fluid cosmetic surgery increasing?


An LA-based cosmetic surgeon reports that gender fluidity is trickling through to the invasive cosmetic surgery market

Is demand for gender fluid cosmetic surgery increasing?

A cosmetic surgeon based in the US has reported that more patients are seeing gender neutral cosmetic surgery results.

Dr Alexander Rivkin from LA said that more clients are asking for sharper angles and straighter jawlines and noses, instead of sloped or softened features, traditionally associated with femininity.

"I don't see people coming in saying, 'I want to look androgynous,' but I'm seeing movement into the middle, aesthetically, where some women are choosing to do procedures that have been regarded as more traditionally male, and some men are choosing procedures that are more traditionally female," Rivkin told the Hollywood Reporter.

The trend shift is also apparent among men, Rivkin noted, observing a rise in lip and cheek enhancements, which were previously more highly requested among women.

“This is a fairly new trend, but as someone who sees non-surgical aesthetic patients all day, every day for 16 years, it seems like there is a subtle shift happening.

“Women are requesting more procedures that convey confidence and strength, whereas men are asking for procedures that signal sensitivity.

“I think it is a sign of the times, a modern interpretation of beauty.”

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