It's time to be more transparent than ever before

Always adapting to the needs of the market with well-defined objectives, Virospack is committed to innovation, sustainability, and fresher, more transparent communication than ever

The year 2020, from a marketing and communication point of view, should be a year focused on innovation and sustainability. Those objectives have not changed despite the new global situation.

Developments are still ongoing; it could be that some suffer a small delay, or even that we are the ones who decide to space them out a bit more throughout the year according to the new situation and how it evolves.

The scene will also vary now that tradeshows will no longer be the most important events at which to present these new developments.

These last few years Virospack have opted for a strategy oriented towards branding, despite already being very well-known in the sector; to promote excellent reputation and highlight distinguishing values like “in-house” and “made in Barcelona” production—objectives.

Virospack is more well-known than ever and that our level of finishes, our always personalised productions, as well as the involvement in each project with our customers, is known and valued on a global scale by all cosmetic brands.

This year we are working on a strategy oriented towards innovation, focused on the product, with powerful visuals capable of transmitting emotions like never before.

Our current communication should be more sensitive, and perhaps riskier—capable of provoking a reaction while presenting our newest designs with powerful “claims”, and at the same time respectful and reliable.

Talking less about functionality and appealing more to the benefits of using our products and the pleasure the consumer gets from interacting with them.

Sustainability is, of course, one of the other main focuses and the objective, along with innovation, to work on and communicate in 2020. At Virospack we have made a very big effort in this terrain.

To be respectful of our environment is more than just a goal, it is a philosophy of the company and part of our DNA. In this sense, all our sections and processes work in a certain way, thinking about our planet, and that has allowed multiple achievements.

Like reducing our secondary packaging, our carbon footprint, and the waste products we generate. We separate parts and recycle because “together it’s trash, separate it’s a resource”.

We only work with certified 100% renewable energy sources, we opt for suppliers that are dedicated to the environment, and our R&De team is constantly searching for new materials and sustainable solutions for our products.

This year is also about staying dedicated to our philosophy; there is no doubt we are innovative—the various internal developments that we present regularly and the multiple awards we have received in the sector, like best packaging innovation of the year, show that.

But even so, as leaders of the sector, we have the obligation to keep anticipating the needs of the market and show that tendency with our designs.

Beauty evolves, and Virospack is at the service of that evolution. Which is why our strategy for 2020 isn’t focused on transmitting our values, because the whole sector already knows who Virospack is and what makes us unique, but on our products.

To present new products obviously tradeshows are very important, but, even though they are postponed or even cancelled, development is not going to stop.

At the moment, at Virospack we are continuing with our plans for new projects, but perhaps we won’t present as many we had originally planned for 2020 since the market has other priorities right now.

Without tradeshows in sight and with the responsibility to keep innovating and marking trends, we have to look for alternative platforms of communication.

At Virospack we are focusing on improving our website, launched in January 2019, with 400% more traffic than last year and many more visits today than one year ago.

We want to make the website even easier to use and even more interactive. And of course, more innovative, which is why we have been working on two new sections, the Configurator—operational at the beginning of June and the Virtual Tour, recently released.

The brand configurator is going to give clients the opportunity to choose from all the models we have and to choose the different components of our products—droppers, bottles, pipettes, caps, etc to configure their personalised product right from their screen.

It will have a more technical side for the brands’ development departments, where they can select by neck type or volume, and a more visual side for those in marketing to configure their product (dropper or full pack) selecting finishes, colours, or decoration.

At a time when we have less opportunities to be with our clients in person, this tool will be especially interesting to initally view samples virtually and see the different options for our dropper packs.

As its name indicates, the virtual tour lets any client visit our facilities virtually. We regularly receive many visits from brands, and we do a guided tour through the different sections and departments, but since travel is going to be somewhat limited for the time being, we offer the opportunity to visit our headquarters from your computer.

The tour can be taken by advancing through the sections being guided automatically or by using the menu to go straight to the section of interest. The virtual tour also gives information and videos for a detailed look at our processes and lines of production.

With this new tool, Virospack will be more transparent than ever! It’s clear that it is time to reinvent and that many things could change after this pandemic. We will stay true to our DNA, always offering the best service to brands, offering high quality solutions, and being transparent in every sense.

Our communication plan also must be reinvented to respond to the new needs that will surely appear. Cosmetics is hope and excitement and right now the whole sector has the obligation to continue creating that hope and happiness, but with responsible, respectful, and sincere communication.

At times like this we have to be more transparent than ever. The sincerity and empathy are essentials for continuing generating business.

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