LEHVOSS and HBS team up to Enhance your Formulations, Naturally.


The power of science and green

In a crowded market, formulators are challenged daily to meet consumer demands for an effective, yet green skin care experience. The proven technology of the original Microsponge delivery system is now available with natural microparticles.

This All-Natural delivery system is the scientific answer to deliver on these consumer expectations. Microsponge N Extended Release Active ingredients are isolated deep within the core of the Microsponge N matrix. Through a combination of friction and diffusion, the actives are steadily released from the matrix.

Enhanced formulas

  • Natural microparticle delivery technology
  • Sustained release reduces irritation and boosts efficacy
  • Produces a gentler formulation leading to greater consumer acceptance
  • Improves emulsion and active stability.

Backed by clinical evidence

Proven efficacy with visible results

Microsponge N Retinol formula shows a 30% reduction in wrinkles versus the baseline for panelists seeing a positive clinical result (p=0.3).

Sustained release

Reduces Irritation Microsponge N Retinol formula resulted in a significant reduction of irritation compared to a market-leading, national brand product--even with a 70% greater Retinol concentration.

Use in Your Formulations Today

Microsponge N All-Natural Delivery System is available in a variety of products:

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