LipoTrue achieves Cosmetic Ingredients GMP certification

Published: 12-Jul-2021

LipoTrue has achieved the EFfCI GMP cosmetic ingredients certification for its cosmetics ingredients manufacturing site in Barcelona, Spain, granted by the independent certification body, AEONOR.

The EFfCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients) GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for Cosmetic Ingredients Guide ensures the consistency of the quality systems in the production of cosmetic ingredients.

This is key to assure the safety and quality of cosmetic products, monitoring its process.

This certification, aligned with the ISO9001:2015, reinforces the commitment of the company to its Quality Management Systems in the production of cosmetic active ingredients.

The extension of the EFfCI GMP certification strengthens LipoTrue’s transparency, consistency and dedication to providing high quality and safety cosmetic active ingredients to its customers.

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