Made in Chelsea’s Liv Bentley bridges gap between sex and self-care with Jomo brand launch

By Becky Bargh | Published: 1-Dec-2021

Created in partnership with celebrity make-up artist Bella Campbell, the label’s flagship arousal oil is infused with CBD

Liv Bentley, star of Made in Chelsea, and celebrity make-up artist Bella Campbell have joined forces on a new sexual wellness brand, Jomo London.

Launching with their flagship CBD-infused sexual arousal oil (£48), the duo wanted to bridge the gap between sex and self-care.

The topical oil is designed to work in harmony with women’s bodies for an intimate experience, while using ingredients that help improve wellbeing.

Made in Chelsea’s Liv Bentley bridges gap between sex and self-care with Jomo brand launch

With CBD as the key ingredient, the product is designed to increase blood flow, which enhances sensitivity between the sheets.

Meanwhile, the name Jomo is another nod to sexuality and is an acronym for ‘joy of missing out’.

“The discomfort and unease that women so often feel when it comes to talking about sex can leave us unable to address the issues that stop us from having a fulfilling sex life,” said Bentley.

“In a world where sexual shame is still so prevelant, we hope to help take some of the embarrassment out of sexual wellness by using our platform to talk openly and positively about women’s suxual wellness and how to improve it.”

Campbell also noted: “Challenges that make it harder to enjoy sex can be due to a wide range of reasons including stress, our menstrual cycle, hormonal contraception, the menopause and other common issues, and yet too many women view this as some kind of personal failure.”

She added: “We want women to feel comfortable with Jomo as a staple item on their bedside table.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure that the look and feel of the product is sleek, elegant and timeless.

“Most of us are happy to invest in products that look after our face, why don’t we look after our most intimate parts in the same way?”

Beauty’s relationship with sex

As beauty becomes more synonymous with wellbeing, so too does it become more intertwined with the sexual wellness category.

Vibrators, sex toys and lubricants are common place in beauty retail, with Feelunqiue and Lookfantastic all stocking sex products via their online platforms.

Cult Beauty, meanwhile, saw an 80% surge in page views of its sexual wellness category in 2020, with toys bolstering sales.

Bricks-and-mortar are also bagging other libo-boosting products, with sexual wellness skus available in-store at Boots, Holland & Barrett and even Selfridges.

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