Mintel investigates the UK's hair colourants market


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Key points included

  • Negative perceptions are subduing market growth
  • Personalisation remains an untapped opportunity
  • New formats broaden the appeal of colourants.

The UK home hair colourants category is going through a challenging period. Mintel estimates the value of the market declined 1.6% to £306 million in 2019, with a downward trend in sales forecast to continue in the coming years.

The decline is being driven by an ageing population as older consumers embrace their natural colour and drop out of the category, as well as the younger users favouring lower-value temporary colour products.

Opportunities to restore market growth come in colourants that enhance natural colour as opposed to covering it as well as giving consumers more options to personalise.

Written by Samantha Dover, a leading analyst in the retail sector, her extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Demand for hair colourants has been subdued by the pro-ageing movement, with older consumers opting to embrace their greys rather than cover them.

Young consumers have remained engaged but favour lower-value temporary products, suggesting that brands need to find ways to encourage them to spend more.

Personalisation will be crucial to encourage value growth, and expanding product repertoires could give brands an opportunity to widen the appeal of hair colourants.

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