Naturals – return of the dragon

Natural active dragon's blood is sourced from a tree in the Amazon. Traditionally used as a therapeutic ingredient it improves quality of the neo-epidermis and increases collagen and fibronectin expression. Suitable in products for all skin types where protection from oxidative stress and healing required.

Yohan Rolland introduces the properties of dragon’s blood (Croton lechleri), a traditional, natural skin care ingredient

Dragon’s blood (Croton lechleri Müll Arg), (Syn C draconoides Müll Arg) [family: Euphorbiaceae] is a large tree (10-20 metres) which grows in South America in the upper regions of the Amazon. Native to Peru, it can also be found in surrounding countries including Colombia and Ecuador. It is a fast growing tree, growing 10-15 metres in just three years.

The tree and the traditional remedy take their name from the colour of the sap, which is dark red, and it is the resinous sap of the tree that is the source of the observed medicinal efficiencies.

A special interest is focused on the Chanchamayo region, where local people are involved in the development of this tree, respecting its life cycle, growth and survival.

It is important to note that other traditional medicines also have the name dragon’s blood, especially in Asia where the dried sap of the Daemonorops is also part of indigenous medicine, as well as that of the Dracaena.

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