Naturisimo tackles beauty industry greenwashing with blockchain technology


The British ethical e-commerce specialists is the latest online retailer to team up with Provenance to promote supply chain transparency

Naturisimo tackles beauty industry greenwashing with blockchain technology

Naturisimo, the online ethical beauty retailer, has partnered with supply chain transparency specialists Provenance in an attempt to boost its sustainability credentials.

The e-commerce player said the move comes as the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) clamps down on greenwashing and "the responsibility placed on ethical retailers to do their due diligence has never been more apparent".

Provenance uses blockchain technology to store and share information about ingredient sourcing, connecting claims to supply chain data and third-party proof.

The technology firm has previously partnered with Cult Beauty, Tropic and Unilever.

Jessi Baker, founder and CEO of Provenance, said: "In an industry rife with unsubstantiated and ambiguous ‘green’ claims, Naturisimo is promoting transparency and an evidence-based approach to ethical beauty.

"We’re incredibly excited to power trustworthy sustainability claims on Naturisimo, so that their shoppers can make confident choices about the products they’re buying, based on their impact on people and the planet."

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Naturisimo has also announced a partnership with recycling specialists Handle Recycling to turn empty beauty packaging into new cosmetic tools such as razors, hairbrushes and mirrors.


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