New CBD, antiperspirant, hand sanitiser and baby care trends available


Episodes are now available for the Future of Clean Visionary Series, a weekly live discussion to promote successful product launches by offering data and expert analysis on timely trends

The Future of Clean Visionary series has made episodes available online covering at-home hand care, baby care, silicone-free antiperspirant, and CBD skin care trends.

New product development and customer education leaders can explore the latest consumer demands, formulation strategies, and insights on how Covid-19 will shift NPD approaches.

Discover how to improve the chances of the success for your next product launch while still promoting sustainability and performance.

EP1: Clean beauty at home - Hand health, sanitisers and clean emollients – available now

Learn about top tips for launching new hand sanitiser and hand health products, the history of hand sanitizers, and new hand health consumer trends. Featuring Guest Mimi Lu, Senior Director, New Product Development, Pipette and recipient of Elle Magazine’s 2018 Beauty Genius Award for innovating efficacious and clean beauty products. Join the conversation.

EP2: Clean beauty at home - Baby care – Recording available 17 April

Learn what Millennial and Gen Z parents want most from baby care products, clean formulation tips, and new Covid-19 related consumer journeys. Featuring guest Margaret Jackson, Senior Director, Media Trends and Intelligence at CerconeBrown Company, a marketing firm specialising in sustainable, mission-based baby care brands and direct to consumer leaders like Plum Organics, Seventh Generation, and Applegate Farms. Join the conversation.

EP3: The future of silicone-free antiperspirants – live episode 22 April

Cyclomethicones like D5 are restricted in the EU and many consumers demand silicone-free products. What is the right way to transition away from siloxanes? What is a strategic framework for reformulation with new ingredients? We’ll tell you the answers. Join the conversation.

EP4: Clean CBD – Live episode 29 April

Even gas stations carry CBD products. How can skin and body care brands differentiate themselves for their next product launch and build trust? What is the science behind the role of carrier oils like Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil and Squalane in CBD absorption? Join the conversation to ensure the CBD craze isn’t just a trend, but part of a clean future. Join the conversation.

Coming soon: New plant-based, circular economy ingredients

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We take a closer look into the future of plant-based ingredients, the impact of the circular economy on cosmetics, and new ingredient innovations. Join the conversation.

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