New active for menopausal skin – Menofit from Silab

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During the menopause, the level of iron in the skin increases leading to matrix degradation and skin slackening. The change in hormonal activity which occurs accentuates ageing, causing increased skin dryness, thinning of the skin, uneven surface micro-relief and wrinkles.

To counter these changes Silab developed Menofit, rich in purified artichoke leaf peptides.

Menofit, tested at 3% vs placebo showed the following efficacy:
- After 14 days water content was significantly increased
- After 28 days wrinkles in the crow's feet area were significantly reduced (measured by fringe projection)
- After 56 days skin thickness was significantly increased (measured by confocal microscopy)

Menofit is recommended for all anti-ageing products targeted at menopausal women.

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