Northstar expands QC and R&D facilities


UK based natural oil specialist completes second phase of investments in on site QC and R&D resources

Northstar expands QC and R&D facilities

UK based Natural oil specialists, Northstar Lipids, have completed the second phase of a series of investments in on site QC and R&D resources.

Chris Houghton, Managing Director, explained that the investment is designed to support ongoing business, whilst also providing the platform for more detailed analytical evaluation of potential new raw materials for the personal care market.

“We recognise the importance of having proper technical support and see this investment as an important asset which further enhances our customer service; it also helps in our aim to be a ‘full service’ oil specialist in a market increasingly populated by traders. Many of our customers, do not have, or wish to have, the resources needed to fully evaluate plant oils for qualitative or quantitative parameters and rely on their suppliers to provide accurate and reliable information. By having more comprehensive onsite laboratory facilities we are able to further assure our customers that the information we provide is current and accurate and that the products we offer are fully in specification on the day of delivery.

We see customer demands increasing every year, in terms of the depth and range of product and analytical data they require, as well as additional assurances that our products meet with a number of international standards. To that end we have been working to ensure we meet their current and future needs.

Our first objective was to recruit a highly experienced analytical specialist, which we did in November 2012, with the appointment of Norman Harris as Technical Manager.
The second phase, the investment in these facilities, now enables us to carry out more comprehensive routine QC analysis in-house, in a cost effective manner, whilst also substantially increasing our ability to evaluate the ‘next generation’ UK Origin seed oils we hope to bring to market over the coming years.

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Northstar expands QC and R&D facilities
Northstar expands QC and R&D facilities