O&3 – A year in natural ingredients with the oil family

Published: 8-Dec-2022

O&3 has seen significant expansion in the past 12 months with continued growth in the demand for natural ingredient solutions. With the opening of its EU facility, and expansion into new markets, they brought its clients even closer to botanicals and origin

Zero-waste and sustainability claims were the major topics of the year, and will be for 2023. O&3 will continue to show the power of natural botanicals, whilst delivering sustainable solutions.

They are thrilled to share a summary of their Natural 2022 year!

O&3 clients ordered 964 different ingredients in 2022

O&3 harness decades of experience in natural oils to bring customers over 900 natural oil ingredients in a 3 to 5 day lead time. The range continues to expand as they steer towards natural solutions for certain claims and functionality. In 2023 they will bring even more innovative ingredients to the market: Search for products now.

O&3 produced ingredients in 48 different countries

From the Amazon and Sub-Sahara, to Southeast Asia and beyond, O&3 continue to support communities and farmers throughout the world to bring unique natural oil ingredients to the most respected cosmetic retail brands. If you are producing a unique natural ingredient, please reach out.

O&3 delivered ingredients to 57 countries

Despite the constraints of global logistics channels in 2022, O&3 has continued to expand on its scope to clients in the most far-reaching parts of the globe. With MOQ’s as little as 1kg across the range, brands throughout the world have continued to rely on O&3’s strength in the logistics network to meet client demand.

O&3 delivered 570,048kg of Zero Waste Oil

Zero waste ingredients are a particular passion at O&3. Utilising the waste of oil production, and other industries by-products, is something they have heavily invested in. Cold pressed oils lend themselves extremely well to zero-waste claims as all of the botanical is utilised and the raw material can be recycled from waste of the food industry. Cold Pressed oils are continuing to build in popularity due to sustainability claims and the natural process in which they are made.

O&3 houses an impressive 6 accreditations

Delivering regulatory and quality accreditations stands as the key foundation of O&3. BRC has been the company’s greatest achievement from a regulatory standpoint, and they are thrilled to confirm it passed its latest annual audit 2 weeks ago with ZERO non-conformances. See O&3 Accreditations.

  • BRC Start! Certified
  • COSMOS Certified Organic
  • Soil Association Food Organic
  • COSMOS Natural Approved
  • KOSHER Certified

O&3’s 70-strong Crew consumed 33,600 hot drinks & spoke 5 different languages in 2022

Most importantly, O&3 is nothing without its enthusiastic and passionate Crew spread across the UK, Poland and USA. They are ‘The Oil Family’ and do not use this term lightly. Working in conjunction with clients, suppliers and stakeholders throughout the world requires plenty of hot drinks, and of course, multiple languages! If you are interested in being part of the Crew, please reach out.

From The O&3 Oil Family to yours - wishing everyone within the Cosmetic Business sector a very Merry Christmas and a positive, ‘natural’ New year.

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