On demand webinar: How to find sustainable ingredients quickly and easily

Published: 23-Jan-2020

The webinar will be hosted on 19 February 2020, register now!

Sustainability and digitization are two of the most talked-about words in the last decade and the personal care industry is taking notice.

Chemberry, a digital tool to find and compare personal care ingredients, is hosting a free webinar on how they support ingredient sourcing transparency and facilitate the exchange between personal care brands and suppliers.

Susanna Groth, Business Development Leader at Chemberry, challenges: "In the digital age, consumer behavior is changing, fueling the need to develop sustainable and innovative products.

"When we started Chemberry, we asked ourselves the question - why is there not a comprehensive and transparent solution to sourcing ingredients that also offers a seamless user experience?”

During the first half of this hour-long session, you’ll get an overview of the benefits and challenges of today’s platforms and learn how Chemberry was created to enable improved transparency.

In the second half, the Chemberry platform will be presented in detail, along with tips on how to get the most out of the free tool.

This is a can’t-miss webinar for anyone searching for information about personal care ingredients, as well as for companies looking to leverage a more data-driven approach to marketing their personal care ingredients in this digital age.

To register for the webinar click here.

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