Organic beauty sales soar as consumers splash out


The organic health and beauty market grew 21.6% to £54.2m in 2015

The organic health and beauty market in the UK increased by 21.6% to £54.2m in 2015, according to The Soil Association’s newly published 2016 Organic Market Report.

The report highlighted some key facts concerning consumer habits including that 43% of consumers now look for a certification symbol when they buy natural or organic personal care products. In 2015, consumers were found to have spent an extra £800,000 a week on organic health and beauty products. Meanwhile, figures from Organic Monitor were found to show that 31% of consumers first decided to buy a natural or organic beauty product because of increased awareness.

Clare McDermott, Soil Association Business Development Director, said: “The organic beauty market is flourishing with increased sales, product launches, availability and greater consumer engagement within the sector. Organic beauty continues to thrive and the next 12 months look to be even stronger.”

Today, The Soil Association has 214 licensed health and beauty symbol holders. Giving an example of the success of organic beauty brands today, the report noted that Pai Skincare, which launched nine years ago, is now a top five organic beauty company registering more than 60% growth in sales in 2015. And the success is filtering through to suppliers too; last year organic ingredients supplier Earthoil Platations and contract manufacturer Kerfoot both recorded strong sales, which the report noted “confirms that demand for organic beauty is continuing as more brands arecreating new products”.

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