Pinterest reveals top sustainability trend searches

By Sarah Parsons 22-Feb-2019

The digital pin-board found that millennials and Generation Z are particularly keen to adopt a green and eco-friendly lifestyle

Pinterest reveals top sustainability trend searches

Pinterest searches for sustainable-related topics has soared in the past 12 months, as consumers seek to ‘drive change’ in today’s turbulent climate.

In particular, the social media platform has revealed that the search ‘sustainable living for beginners’ was up by 265% since last year.

‘Sustainable living’ (up 69% since 2018) was the most searched term around eco-friendly living, as users look to make small changes in their everyday lives, such as ways to eliminate plastic and have zero-waste in their home.

“Given the state of the world environmentally and politically, ‘pinners’, especially millennials and Gen Z’ers, want to feel like they are making an impact and driving change,” said Swasti Sarna, Consumer Insights Manager at Pinterest.

“Even if these are small everyday changes, it’s inspiring to see people work together to make a difference.”

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‘Self-sustainable living’, ‘sustainable development’, ‘sustainable fashion’ and ‘sustainable products’ were also among the top ten searches on green living.