Rahn’s DEFENSIL -SOFT offers zen-like soothing and anti-ageing effects

The pain receptor TRPV1, which is expressed in the epidermis’ sensory neurons and keratinocytes, regulates the skin’s comfort zone: Elevated levels of TRPV1 may lead to increased skin sensitivity and unpleasant sensations caused by e.g. sunburn or chemical peelings.

On the other hand, heat stress, particularly caused by IR-light, can activate TRPV1, which, in turn, induces typical ageing processes such as enhanced collagen degradation. This modern form of pre-mature skin ageing caused by heat stress is also known as “thermal ageing”.

RAHN’s brand-new DEFENSIL-SOFT is a neuro-balm from A to Zen which blocks TRPV1 and upgrades the skin’s comfort zone. The active ingredient is based on the edible mushroom Albatrellus ovinus, also called the Northern truffle. DEFENSIL-SOFT is conform to COSMOS and Ecocert.

Applied on the skin, it provides zen-like soothing and anti-ageing effects:

  • Reduces skin discomfort and irritation within minutes
  • Increases the heat-pain tolerance of normal and ultra-sensitive skin
  • Prevents IR-ageing by protecting from IR-induced heat stress
  • Improves skin’s tolerance towards irritants in cosmetic formulations

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