Refillable Packaging – Trends in the beauty and personal care industry

Published: 16-Apr-2021

Easy removable -> Ergonomic design

More durability -> Reduce waste

Sustainable needs -> Recycled & Recyclable materials

Loyalty and value -> Secure enhanced client loyalty

What are the latest plastics innovations for cosmetics packaging?

Refillable packaging is a trend at the moment that is increasing the interest to more and more customers.

The circular economy is now the major role in the industry.

Faca Packaging is adapting to the new requirements and is also looking forward these new challenges

Bio-based materials/compostables

Faca Packaging is in the lead in this matter and looks very promising at the new projects in this area that comes not only with all the renowned plastics but with others as well.

The role of design in pushing innovation in plastics cosmetics packaging

This is a driving force in Faca's DNA. One of our key points is to launch between 3/4 new designs. each year.

We are one of the most innovative companies on the market and our portfolio with more than 300 patents supports it.

Our clients believe that plastics play an important role in the cosmetic industry, and they understand that recycling is posible and circular economy as well. All our products are fully recycled.

What are the big challenges and opportunities for plastics in this sector?

Companies should take more proactive steps and endorse responsable consumption and boost investments into research and development to help create new long-term and sustainable solutions.

Faca Packaging is already ahead in many items and we fully comply with this complement because our product can vary between 50% - 100% of recycled materials.

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