Seppic presents COSMETIC MIXOLOGY, a duo of robust and sensorial formulas in the trend of home-made cosmetics


COSMETIC MIXOLOGY includes two formulas with different sensory characteristics

The homemade trend has seen a resurgence of interest with the pandemic, especially in cosmetics with a wellness dimension. Consumers have learned to make their own beauty recipes to take care of their skin and hair.

Today, consumers are looking for transparency and simplicity, and some are reassured to know that they are consuming products that are adapted and personalised to their needs and desires.

In response, Seppic is launching a duo of formulas: COSMETIC MIXOLOGY. The marketing and innovation teams have pooled their expertise to come up with a "Blend it yourself" concept that is safe and fun for consumers. With these two bases, Seppic offers a simplified and safer customisation solution for consumers who are not always aware of the risks and constraints of home cosmetic formulation.

COSMETIC MIXOLOGY includes two formulas with different sensory characteristics:

  • A robust emulsion base combining softness and creaminess - Emulsion stability and robustness are provided by our emulsifier MONTANOV™ 202 and two polymers, SOLAGUM™AX and SEPIMAX ZEN™, to enhance the formula's resistance to electrolyte-rich actives. This minimalist formula also contains EMOGREEN™ L15, an emollient for sensory comfort and AQUAXYL™, an essential sugar-based moisturizing agent.
  • A solid pebble to rehydrate forming a fresh cream-gel with a light touch - The SOLAGUM™TARA and SEPIMAX ZEN™ polymers pairing forms a fresh, watery gel-cream and strengthens the formula's resistance to electrolyte-rich actives. Three additional ingredients have been added: EMOGREEN™ L19, an emollient for sensory comfort, SEPIFINE™ BB, a texturizing agent to provide softness and AQUAXYL™, an essential sugar-based moisturizing agent.

These two basic formulas can be customized with active ingredients that are easy to find at home to meet various applications (face care, hair care, body care). To ensure the robustness of the final formulas, the two bases were tested with ten active ingredients with different profiles (viscosity, pH, presence of electrolytes, solubility). Among them: lemon juice for a radiance face mask, coffee grounds for a body scrub and pomegranate vinegar for an all-in-one hair care.

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In addition to answer to a current market trend, our two formulas have been designed taking into account the current needs of consumers for minimalist formulas and their requirements for high naturalness and safety for human health.

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