Spectra reveals Klean Kids novelty bath bottles for children

By Austyn King 1-Mar-2017

The packaging company will launch the range at Packaging Innovations 2017 alongside six other packaging concepts

Spectra has unveiled its Klean Kids range of novelty-shaped plastic bottles for children's bath products.

The range is set to launch at Packaging Innovations 2017 alongside six other new packaging concepts.

The UK-based packaging company, which specialises in plastic bottles and closures, is aiming to target a broad range of market sectors with its new launches.

Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra, said: “We’ve given our new containers a touch of branding which really brings the designs to life.“

"The combination of cutting-edge pack design coupled with harmonious colouring and striking graphics is sure to inspire visitors at the show.”

The Klean Kids bottles come in a variety of bright colours to appeal to children, and feature simple flip-top caps and a ‘fun-shaped’ novelty design, according to Spectra.

Other packaging concepts the company will unveil at Packaging Innovations include a dual-faced skin lotion bottle, a range of sun care packaging and a tottle pack for shower products.

Powell added: “Our new designs are sure to whet the appetite of customers seeking market differentiation.”

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Last year, Spectra added to its range of injection moulded packaging components with a new oval-shaped flip-top closure, designed for use with its Elba Oval bottle.

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