The ‘Delphic Assist’ Model

Since we started in 2005 Delphic HSE has worked with over 1500 clients and provided regulatory compliance services to over 10,000 product lines from all corners of the globe.  Our core business is to ensure our client’s products are both safe and compliant with the necessary regulations.  Over the past few years we have received a growing number of requests for ‘Compliance Support and Assistance’, including consultation, training and on-going due diligence.  These ongoing commitments are paramount to a company’s reputation and the safeguarding of your customers.


It therefore brings me great pleasure to introduce our ‘Delphic Assist’ program -  

Delphic HSE offers a range of assistance levels to help meet the long-term planning of our clients. The ‘Delphic Assist’ program operates through a subscription based model, allowing our client to select how they want to receive support from Delphic. The Delphic ‘Assist Model’ is a commitment from Delphic HSE and entitlement to our clients to access a range of unique benefits exclusive to your level of assistance. All you need to do is decide what level of assistance is best for your company, your products and of course your customers.

The ongoing commitment of due diligence is paramount to the company’s reputation and the safeguarding of your customers.

An example of the benefits include:

  • Access to regulatory updates and the impact on your products
  •  Ongoing advice and consultation with an experienced compliance and toxicology expert
  • Complimentary training
  •  Significant discount on future services
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • and much more

All Delphic Assist clients will receive a primary and secondary Account Manager and a ‘Welcome Pack’ to explain the level of support.  You can find  further information and prices on the Delphic Assist Model via our website at

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