The future of the male tanning industry, according to the founder of James Read Tan


The 'man tan' has long been popular with men in the public eye, but is increasingly becoming a part of consumers male grooming routine

James Read says actor Ryan Reynolds is a fan of tanning (Image WikiCommons/Dick Thomas Johnson)

With the majority of consumers unable to catch some rays on their annual holiday, an increased number of people are experimenting with the UV-free sun-kissed look from home, with some brands reporting a 450% increase in sales during the summer lockdown.

But James Read, the founder of tanning brand James Read Tan, claims that tanning for men has tripled over the last five years as more male celebrities embrace a golden glow.

Here, he explains to Cosmetics Business what a burgeoning male tanning industry means for NPD, communications and shifting consumer attitudes.

How has tanning for men increased in popularity?

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Over the last 10 year’s male tanning has risen due to men ...

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