This indie skin care brand is betting on Bitcoin

By Sarah Parsons 15-Feb-2021

Wake Skincare has become one of the first beauty brands to accept the cryptocurrency as payment

Indie cosmetics brand Wake Skincare is now allowing consumers to pay with Bitcoin.

The start-up follows a growing number of consumer goods companies now accepting the cryptocurrency in recent years, including Microsoft and Etsy.

British skin care and soap brand Lush first started accepting Bitcoin in 2017.

Marketed as a beauty brand created out frustrations with screen obsessions, Wake Skincare has teamed up with Bitcoin service provider Coinbase to allow consumers to pay for products with the new currency.

"Our focus has always been on generation connected. This means not only creating skin care products to address the side-effects of a typical millennial/gen-z lifestyle, but also providing the best possible service to this generation," said founders Alex Mavor and Anton Burton in a statement.

“We want nothing to come between our customers and our products, so the more payment methods the better.

"I am sure people will think that we are thinking way too far into the future, but we are happy to be pioneers in this respect. Our whole brand culture is about forward thinking, and we want this reflected in every aspect of what we do.

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“We believe that digital currencies are the future, so we want to make sure that our flag is planted from the start."