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Right to Roam: Lush urges shoppers to trespass in British countryside

By Austyn King | Published: 8-Sep-2023

The beauty brand will distribute Trespass Guides via 87 stores to help consumers explore nature responsibly

Lush has teamed up with UK non-profit Right to Roam to encourage consumers to trespass in natural areas that are traditionally off limits.

The organisation is campaigning for a Right to Roam act in England, which would allow the public to access open countryside, whether land is privately or publicly owned.

Currently, only 8% of land in England allows these rights of access, with 92% of the English countryside and 97% of rivers off limits to the public, according to Right to Roam.

Now, Right to Roam has teamed up with Lush for its Nature Is For Everyone campaign, which will distribute its Trespass Guides throughout 87 Lush stores in the UK.

The guides provide consumers with tips on how to responsibly explore the countryside and manage potential confrontations with land owners.

Trespassing is not classed as a criminal offence under UK law.

Lush is also launching a new footpath-shaped Right to Foam soap as part of the push, with all proceeds minus VAT going to support Right to Roam.

“For too long people have been cut off from the vast majority of our land and waterways, leading to feeling that they are apart from nature, not a part of it,” said Lush’s Campaigns Manager Andrew Butler.

“This disconnection harms our physical and mental health and leads to the destruction of the environment often going unchallenged. 

“We urgently need a Scottish-style Right to Roam Act that covers the whole of the UK, giving everyone equal easy access to nature.”

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The campaign is not the first time Lush has encouraged consumers to connect with nature for the benefit of the environment and their own wellbeing.

The company called on the public to help it pick 60 tonnes of rubbish from streets, rivers, parks and beaches around the world for its Trash Dash campaign in July.

Known for its ethical activism, the company also launched its Refugees Welcome initiative in June to support people seeking asylum in the UK.

Consumers can pick up a Trespass Guide from Lush stores until 27 September.

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