Unilever among major backers of guide to help business’ halve supply emissions

By Becky Bargh | Published: 4-Nov-2021

The corporate giant, along with BT, Ikea and Microsoft, has shared tools and examples of its work to tackle climate change amid COP26

A new guide to help businesses halve their supply chain emissions has been introduced by the Exponential Roadmap Initiative (ERI), a platform co-founded by major beauty conglomerate Unilever and a string of other companies, including BT and Ikea.

Striving to help businesses cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% before 2030, the 1.5ºC Supplier Engagement Guide has been released in conjunction with the COP26 summit, taking place in Glasgow this month.

Hosted on ERI’s platform, the guide is structured into four sections, each with three recommendations, and a transversal fifth section, to act as a common framework for businesses on how to make their supply chains more sustainable.

Available on the site are links to open-source tools and case studies from BT, Unilever, Ikea, Ericsson and Telia, as well as practical advisory pieces.

“We, the 1.5ºC Supply Chain Leaders, have all committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain in line with the 1.5ºC ambition,” said the collective.

“We commit to making climate targets a key factor in our purchasing criteria.

“Working together with suppliers is an absolute necessity for large corporations with net zero ambitions.

“Now we openly share our practical tools and learnings to enable other companies to do the same – big or small.”

Along with its founding partners, Microsoft, Ragn-Sells and Telefónica have also imputed their recommendations on building a more eco-friendly business.

“The latest IPCC report is crystal clear; we have code red for humanity and all businesses need to step-up action now to stay competitive in the next decade,” said CEO of ERI Johan Falk.

“Exponential climate action, radical collaboration and innovation is required in order to reach the Paris Agreement.

“To get a critical mass of businesses taking action to halve emissions by 2030 in the race to zero, it is essential that all large corporations collaborate with their suppliers and peers to remove blockers.”

Meanwhile, Nigel Topping, the UN’s High Level Climate Champion for COP26 said that guides such as the 1.5ºC Supplier Engagement will help businesses move faster to halve greenhouse gases.

“I invite everyone to commit their ingenuity, their resources and their skills to help us win the race to zero emissions together,” he added.

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