Unilever joins forces with ioma


Unilever becomes an ioma shareholder alongside brand founder and CEO Jean Michel Karam

Skin care brand ioma has entered into a strategic alliance with Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever in order to accelerate the brand\'s growth internationally and benefit from new R&D prospects.

Unilever will become a shareholder in ioma alongisde Jean Michel Karam, CEO and founder of ioma, although the brand will maintain complete autonomy regarding its business and development operations.

Karam said: “Unilever increases ioma\'s financial capacity, opens the doors to its research centres, brings its knowledge of beauty usage and attitudes in very different regions and enables ioma to benefit from its strong roots in major markets for the future of the brand. Ioma will be able to access the entire spectrum of Unilever tools, such as its exceptional network of customer innovation and insight centres, which will allow us to work with our distribution partners in order to help them develop the skin care category. This is an incredible opportunity.”

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Dave Lewis, President, Unilever Personal Care, added: “In the fast growing premium skin care market, ioma is a unique and pioneering brand that is at the forefront of advanced technology and has revolutionised skin care as we know it. Painstakingly working in their laboratories for some ten years to create a range of bespoke products and regimes to successfully treat the needs of each individual woman, we think that ioma is the first and only skin care brand in the world able to prove the effectiveness of each of its products on each and every woman using them. And that’s an amazing breakthrough.”