Vantage continues to secure global Jojoba position

The Vantage Desert Whale Jojoba Team looked forward to beginning the 2018 harvest season in Argentina, predicting a very good year.

Vantage is delivering on its commitment as a world leader in supplying sustainable solutions to the Jojoba market by maintaining consistency year over year with Jojoba production.

The outlook for Jojoba supply is on forecast for 2018 which means consistent, stable supply and the highest quality in the industry.

Customers will reap the benefit of Vantage owning Jojoba farms in different hemispheres, located 5,000 miles apart in the USA and Argentina, with different growing seasons and weather patterns.

This ensures the customers high reliability for supply of Vantage’s Jojoba products. It allows Vantage to continue to lead the way and meet the fast-growing, worldwide customer demand for Jojoba-based sustainable beauty ingredients.

Green to the roots

For nearly 40 years Vantage has built expertise around eco-friendly beauty ingredients.

It began in the 1970s when founders of the Desert Whale Jojoba Company (now part of Vantage) promoted Jojoba oil as a perfect replacement for whale oil - playing a key role in the growth of the Jojoba industry, and assisting the ‘Save the Whales’ environmental movement.

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