Westfield says UK Sephora store rumours "not confirmed"


Speculation of a UK Sephora store is leading to a social media frenzy and widespread media coverage

Sephora and Westfield are remaining tight-lipped about whether or not a Sephora store will be opening in the UK shopping centre in Stratford.

Speculation has emerged on Twitter, leading to media coverage, that LVMH-owned Sephora is due to open its first UK store since it withdrew from the region more than ten years ago.

Rumours began when @JoXoArtist – a Twitter user who says she works in Westfield – posted on the social media site: “They’re opening a Sephora in Westfield Stratford. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.”

The tweet received 3.6k retweets and 3.9k likes, with many other twitter users seeking clarification on the post.

@JoXoArtist explained in later posts that she works in Westfield and was given the “heads up” in a briefing about the new competition. She also tweeted that her friend who works for Westfield had been told too.

Elsewhere, media reports have claimed that shoppers in Westfield Stratford saw Sephora branded frames being erected in the shopping mall.

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When Cosmetics Business enquired, Sephora declined to comment, while Westfield said that a new store was “not confirmed”.