Nivea video reveals dangers of UV exposure

Published: 18-Feb-2015

The Take Care Out There video was directed by Thomas Leveritt

Nivea has launched an international campaign, Take Care Out There, to raise awareness about the risks of UV radiation as a result of sun exposure.

The Beiersdorf brand has created a video developed in partnership with British artist Thomas Leveritt. The video highlights the effects of UV light on the skin and is being shown online and on television. Leveritt contributed to the campaign through the unique use of his UV cameras, which show how sunlight directly affects the skin. In August last year, he reached more than 14 million people in a month with his YouTube video, How the sun sees you.

Sylvia Latimer, Vice President Nivea Skin Care Beiersdorf, said: “Our studies have shown that many consumers don’t use sunscreen because they have no idea about the effects UV light has on our skin and how sunscreen products work.” The video was produced with FCB Hamburg.

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