Pamela Anderson surprises with Smashbox campaign after months of going bare-faced

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 16-Feb-2024

The actress has revived her signature ultra-glam look for the brand’s nineties-inspired campaign, despite recently opting for a more natural style

Smashbox has teamed up with Pamela Anderson on a nostalgic make-up campaign that celebrates her signature nineties look

The actress and model is the face of the ‘Isn't It Iconic? – Two Icons, Serious Staying Power’ campaign, which promotes the 28-year-old brand’s hero product Photo Finish Primer. 

The Baywatch star is seen wearing her original ultra-glam look, with thin brows, smoky eyes and glowing skin.

This collaboration is in stark contrast to Anderson’s recent, and widely publicised, shift in personal style to a more bare-faced look.

The star made headlines for going make-up-free at Paris Fashion Week and the London Fashion Awards, with some publications praising the decision as a step against ageism.

She has also just acquired a stake in ‘clean’ skin care brand Sonsie to help promote its “self-empowerment” mission. 

Anderson took to Instagram to explain why she has decided to embrace the nineties era again for Smashbox. 

“To each their own – make-up is a fun extension of who we are, but it isn’t all we are,” posted Anderson.  

“When [Smashbox] approached me a few months ago, I was honoured – a fun ‘wink to the past’.

“Though it is not my aesthetic now, it was very flash back then, but those were the days.”

This is the first time Anderson has appeared in a Smashbox advert, despite the star and the make-up brand’s founder Davis Factor “going way back”. 

Anderson explained that “back in the day, they only used the ‘hottest supermodels’ in their campaigns and I was still ‘the girl next door’, struggling to pay my rent,” she posted.  

“I would have fallen over at the thought of appearing in a campaign for them.

“It is kind of funny, after all these years. It is a silly dream… maybe… but fun.

“A sense of humour about one’s self is something I admire.

“It has gotten me through a lot.” 

Anderson’s campaign with Smashbox includes a trailer where the model travels back in time to the nineties, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to achieve her glam look.

A timeline of the success of Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer over the years is also available. 

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