Shiloxome - Emulating an ecosystem for a multi-ome skin protection

Published: 23-May-2024

As a result of Triplobiome Technology, emerges a pioneering solution, Shiloxome, representing the 1st “ecosystem ingredient” ever developed

Recognizing the dynamic transfer of information in natural systems underscores the importance of fostering sustainable practices to preserve ecosystem balance, and emphasizes the profound positive impacts of nature experience on human well-being. In line with this ever-connected global landscape, Provital introduces a new flagship biotechnological platform for the creation of highly qualitative active ingredients: Triplobiome™ Technology.

With Triplobiome™, a new endophyte-based biotechnology appears, but also a new way to experience nature. As endophytes are symbiotic microorganisms dwelling within plants, they exhibit remarkable abilities to synthesize bioactive phytochemicals. So, these internal plant microbiota showcase the delicate balance and interdependence that define the natural world, and at the same time represent a sustainable cosmetic source to help mitigate plant exploitation.

Thanks to its Interkingdom Symbiosis concept, this new platform will enable a true ecopsychological experience for the final beauty user, as it will provide with a game-changing range of “ecosystem ingredients” that can activate skin intelligence via transfer of nature’s ancient wisdom. Just like in a real ecosystem, the first-of-its-kind Triplobiome™ platform integrates the power of the animal and plant kingdoms, together with their Microbiome, to bring unprecedented symbiotic synergies for the development of new cosmetic ingredients.

As a result of Triplobiome™ Technology, emerges a pioneering solution, Shiloxome™, representing the 1st “ecosystem ingredient” ever developed. Derived from isolating the endophytic yeast Kwoniella mangroviensis from the protective bark of the cork oak (Quercus suber), Shiloxome™ takes the protective power of its symbiotic provenance to provide the skin with the capacity to adapt, survive, and protect itself.

The integration of science into the narrative of bark becomes evident as a Metabolomic Analysis evaluates the combined efficacy of the many active molecules obtained through the new technology. The compounds from the initial endophytic extract of K. mangroviensis exhibit benefits like antimicrobial, antioxidant or collagen degradation inhibiting properties, and some are - at the same time - recognized plant growth promoters. Thus, the restructuring effect of Shiloxome™ on the skin results from transferring a natural endophyte-protective system.

Drawing upon the collaborative benefits of interkingdom synergy, Shiloxome™ provides comprehensive protection against modern-day pollution while fostering the delicate balance between nature and human health. However, Shiloxome™ is not just innovative in its symbiotic provenance, but in its efficacy testing:

  • Supported by exposomics research, Shiloxome™ safeguards the skin from environmental pollutants by preserving the microbial diversity in the most superficial barrier of the skin.
  • Besides, transcriptomics data further substantiates the protective well-aging efficacy of Shiloxome™ by stimulating crucial cellular processes in the extracellular matrix, promoting a youthful and healthy dermis.
  • And more importantly, a breakthrough lipidomic analysis proved new lipid-enhancing mechanisms displayed by the active. In this regard, Shiloxome™ actively works to replenish the lipid barrier, bolster moisture retention, and enhance the skin's elasticity and suppleness thanks to reducing the pollution-induced lipid peroxidation that prevents the necessary lipid chain elongation. So, this comprehensive in vivo analysis not only supports the restoration of a shielding function of the lipid barrier (‘brick and mortar’) but also identifies and assesses the improved properties in the whole lipidome profile.

Therefore, Shiloxome™ orchestrates a harmonious blend of natural elements, delivering a multi-ome protection for the skin in line with the expanding principles and consumer types of barrier care.

Moreover, its overall effect on mature skin was further supported by an in vivo instrumental analysis that quantified statistical significance in the improvement of key parameters for skin aging such as TEWL, brightness, isotropic microstructure, smoothness, and elasticity.

Overall, the in vitro and in vivo efficacy studies performed for Shiloxome™ prove that this 1st ecosystem ingredient visibly combats aging signs by enhancing the skin's natural barriers, safeguarding the skin against pollution, and making it the perfect solution to aging consumer needs, including post-menopausal skin conditions.

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