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Three quarters of consumers believe online retailers use too much packaging

Published: 3-Aug-2017

Survey by Clouder reveals that 72% of shoppers aren't happy about the excess waste

Over 70% of consumers believe retailers use too much delivery packaging for online orders, according to a recent survey by online marketplace Clouder.

Online shopping has drastically risen in popularity over the last few years, with research showing that £133bn was spent with UK retailers last year.

Despite online shopping becoming essential for many consumers, this excess waste reportedly creates an extra one million metric tonnes of waste every year.

The survey also showed that 62% of shoppers would view a retailer more positively if they made a conscious effort to not overuse packaging and protective materials for online orders.

Tomas Zalatoris, CEO of Clouder, said: “With online shopping positioned at the forefront of the retail landscape, retailers can certainly make more of an effort to minimise the use of unnecessary delivery packaging for online orders.

"Retailers who take the initiative to use the appropriate amount of delivery packaging and protective materials for their online orders - will not only improve their reputation, but help reduce the adverse environmental effects of excessive packaging waste."

The survey by clouder.co.uk questioned 892 consumers who purchased something online for delivery at least once a month, on how they felt about delivery packaging.

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