Wounds and wound healing properties

Published: 8-Feb-2021

proDERM continues its educating webinar sessions

On February 25, 2021 we will continue to host our educating webinar sessions with 'Wounds and wound healing properties - Models and methods for studying wound and skin protection products'.

Gunja Springmann, Head Consultancy at proDERM, will present an overview of studies investigating wound and skin protection products. Among others, we will present the following models for the examination of superficial wounds:

  • Suction blisters
  • Abrasive wound model
  • Laser wounds
  • Scratch test.

In addition, parameters for the investigation of healing properties will be discussed and tests will be presented that can be used to investigate further properties such as adhesive properties, peel-off pain/damage or wear properties.

The overall webinar agenda and information about the registration to the sessions is now available on our website.

Webinar Agenda.

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