4 highlights from TikTok's new guide for beauty brands

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 16-May-2024

TikTok released a new handbook to help small to medium sized beauty businesses make the most of upcoming spring and summer trends

TikTok has published a new 27-page guide offering advice for beauty brands using the platform.

The SMB Beauty Playbook details trends to watch for this year, as well as directions for creating engaging content and how often to post videos.

Here are the top tips available in the guide.

1. Trends to know

TikTok is a revolving door of buzzy beauty trends, and the social media giant is fully aware that keeping up with it all can be challenging for smaller businesses.

“TikTok is where beauty trends start, and the sheer volume of trends on TikTok means no one singular trend can dominate the aesthetic for very long,” said the platform.

However, #glitternails (2.1 billions views) and #bestaffordablemakeup (97.9 million posts) have been named as the top trends brands should be aware of this summer.

The hashtag #gluelesswigs, which has been searched for over 724.2 million times, was also labelled as another to watch.

A trend which as been gaining moment this year is #aginggracefully (1 billion views), with the platform stating that “positive ageing lives on TikTok”.

Italy is also having its moment in 2024 for the fragrance category, with TikTok seeing more users seeking out Italian-made scents.

The hashtag #bestitalianperfumes has been included in over 19.5 million posts.

2. Tutorials matter

Tutorials and how to's remain crucial forms of content in keeping a beauty brand's audience engaged in 2024, according to TikTok.

A survey of TikTok’s European user base in 2022 found that 26% were inspired to find a brand or product from tutorials.

TikTok recommends creating tailored skin care routines videos for all types of skins, as well as advice on application techniques.

For hair care related content, listing new trends and styling tips are also effective ways to keep users engaged.

TikTok said Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos remains as a popular as ever this year, but advises brands to also incorporate #makeupreview content into their campaigns.

It added: “Encourage your users to interact with your brand by responding to comments, asking questions and commenting on other videos.”

TikTok advises beauty businesses to prioritise content such as listicles, product unboxings and founder POVs

TikTok advises beauty businesses to prioritise content such as listicles, product unboxings and founder POVs

3. Storytelling tips

Aside from tutorials, TikTok has advised brands to consider creating educational videos.

These can go beyond just beauty, with the social media site suggesting subjects like finance, real estate and career services.

Giving viewers an “enticing glimpse” into an aspirational lifestyle, which can be attained by implementing the brand’s beauty offering, is also effective.

“Communicate your service's benefits right off the bat to draw audiences in,” TikTok said.

“Not only is this a good way to create intrigue around how your service might be useful to viewers.”

Finally, TikTok said proactively solving the problems that viewers relate to is another way to keep them engaged.

“They will be more likely to want to purchase your service if they know how it can help they tackle their everyday challenges,” it added.

4. When to post

As important as creating memorable content is, beauty brands should also consider the rate at which they publish videos.

Publishing frequent and varied videos is key, according to the guide, with the average posting frequency of verified business accounts on TikTok being around 2.8 posts per week.

The top 100 brands with the highest engagement rates post an average of 4.2 posts per week.

TikTok said beauty businesses should prioritise content such as listicles, product unboxings, founder POVs and teasers for upcoming launches.

Virtual & Real videos, which offer a comparative view of what a beauty product looks like online versus a person in real life, also remain popular with users.

TikTok said brands should not forget to promote products around special occasions and any upcomings summer festivals.

Read the full 27-page guide here.

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