Biossance lifts lid on ‘clean’ beauty formulas with new series of The Clean Academy

This season the brand will host conversations with ILIA, Youth To The People and Follain to lead discussions on beauty ingredients lists

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A 'Western diet' causes skin inflammation, say scientists

Researchers have linked bile acids causes by cholesterol and skin conditions

CBD oils could be removed from shelves warns British food watchdog

Only cannabis-related wellness products approved by the FSA will be allowed on the market

Cosmetics Business Live announces agenda

The event offers a 360° view of the current state of the cosmetics and personal care industry

Demand for milder, safer and more eco-friendly products

Personal care manufacturers face demand for products made using milder, safer and more eco-friendly preservative ...

Lip balm brand eos renews commitment to sustainable shea ingredients sourcing

The brand is expanding its Shea Better sustainability programme for 2020 in order to support the communities behind the ...

Marine Conservation Society warns of 'forever chemicals' in cosmetics

The organisation says that fluorinated chemicals present in cosmetics and bathroom products may be impossible to remove ...

'If the British government were execs, they'd be sacked': The beauty industry reflects on Brexit

As Britain leaves the EU on 31 January, beauty experts and brand owners reflect on the biggest political upheaval the ...

The 'world's first' microplastic-free iridescent glitter has launched

Environmentally conscious cosmetics brands can now purchase this luminous eco-friendly glitter

This sun care brand has been named the 'world's first' complete ocean-friendly sunscreen

UltraSun has gone beyond reef-safe ingredients to receive the credential EcoSun Pass

How brands are making a splash in the electrolyte skin care trend

These luxury beauty brands are finding new ways to reinvent the athleisure trend by offering consumers hydrating sports ...

Call for speakers: Lead the discussion at Cosmetics Business Live 2020!

Cosmetics Business announces the launch of Cosmetics Business Live 2020, due to be held in Amsterdam next year

Mild foaming: A look at the latest surfactants and emulsifiers trends

We discuss the preferred criteria for surfactants and emulsifiers, and present some of the latest materials on the ...

MUA ‘strongly refutes’ allegations that its eyeshadow palette contains asbestos contaminated talc

The claim was made by research geologist Sean Fitzgerald on the BBC’s Beauty Laid Bare series

BASF responds to US 1,4-Dioxane law change with new Flex ingredients

The German chemicals company has replaced the compound in its surfactant and polymers portfolio after concerns were ...

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