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Published: 5-Oct-2015

Hair can be classified into two main categories:
1. Ethnicity (European, Asian and Black)
2. Morphology (8 Types - as shown below)

When we look at hair from a ethnicity standpoint it limits our understanding of hair types, as it tends to only consider hair in terms of ethnic groups i.e. Asian, African and Caucasian; it's an approach that fails to take into account the overlapping characteristics of hair from one ethnic group to another for example, wavy and curly.

A more useful perspective is de La Mettrie's morphology model which helps us to see hair in a more diverse way. Using his model we are able to look at hair from the perspective of its specific shape i.e. straight or curly, rather than solely relying on the idea of ethnic grouping, which overlooks the many different subgroups that exist.

This broader view opens up the heterogeneous nature of hair and enables us to consider what type of hair management products may be needed to condition and style hair that is very straight (Type I) compared to hair that is very curly (Type VIII).

Here2Grow draws on the morphology model in its product development to ensure that we do not create a one size fits all product that lacks efficacy in line with hair type. Instead our formulation chemists design bespoke products that address specific hair type characteristics and in so doing we are able to offer diverse formulations that tackle even the most complex hair types more accurately and have high performance results.

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