Here2Grow reveals what's new in hair and skin care

Published: 19-Feb-2015

New for 2015 are hair styling products, cleansing conditioners, dry shampoos, organic and vegan skin care ingredients...


New for 2015 is perhaps one of the most innovative hair styling products - argan oil infused brushes and combs containing coconut oil and keratin protein. These aid styling by smoothing, detangling and nourishing the hair with every use, promoting, healthier hair that is not only shiny but also manageable.

Cleansing conditioners are set to continue to gather momentum with the ever-growing trend of “co-washing”. The use of cleansing conditioners that effectively cleanse and detangle the hair without build-up of product is definitely shaping up with more companies in the industry responding to this demand.

Once the preserve of Afro and frizzy haired women, 2015 will see a number of new launches, as more consumers move away from using conventional hair shampoos and conditioners to cleanse the hair. Instead, they want to retain the hair’s natural moisturising properties, normally stripped through daily shampooing.

New categories will include lines packed with oils and proteins such as Baobab seed oil and Baobab seed protein for hydration and strengthening. However, it's conditioning cleansers free from sulfates and parabens that will be highly sought after, as they are believed to provide better healthier results. Other predictions are that this category will be attractive to the developing male grooming market, where co-washing is seen as a timesaving, yet effective way to cleanse hair.

The proliferation of dry shampoos will continue to develop in the hair market, giving consumers another alternative to frequent shampooing. Dry shampoos cleanse the hair with a waterless formula, packaged in an aerosol form. They are marketed as an effective product for refreshing and removing excess oil in between washes, without build up.

Improvements in formulations, now mean that the powdery residue once associated with dry shampoos, are a distant memory. The new systems instantly remove excess oils, effectively refreshing the hair with a subtle fragrance. This category is most certainly expanding so it’s hardly surprising that in 2015 dry shampoos are predicted as a strong growth area.

Skin care

When it comes to cosmetics, without doubt the consumer is king, particularly as it is clear to see how they are new influencers in the personal care market.

Today, consumers are more savvy about ingredients; their list of undesirables are growing - paraben-free - still leads the pack but has now been joined by sulfate-free, gluten-free along with the increasing demands for organic and vegan ingredients.

Whether consumers have allergies, are intolerant to certain ingredients, or are seeking more naturally derived ingredients; formulators and retailers are listening more to the consumer and this is shaping the future of cosmetics.

The consumer is no longer content to remain in the dark about what types of ingredients they are applying to and absorbing in their bodies. This trend for sulfate free, organic and vegan products, with high performance opens up the way for a whole host of new formulations and product lines.

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