Here2Grow helps develop scalp therapy product Haircalma

Published: 28-Jun-2022

Here2Grow joins forces with Iain Sallis from Hairmedic Clinic to create the shampoo and conditioner line Haircalma

Award-winning contract formulation specialist, Here2Grow, has recently worked with leading trichologist, Iain Sallis, director of the Hairmedic Clinic, which specialises in clinical hair and scalp problems. The collaboration has resulted in the development of a unique scalp therapy system consisting of shampoo and conditioner products known as Haircalma.

To tackle common scalp issues encountered by patients, Hairmedic had been actively developing its scalp therapy products by working in collaboration with formulation laboratories and manufacturers. However, with different active and incompatible ingredients, the formulations created were unstable. Here2Grow was therefore approached by Iain Sallis to see if another solution could help reach a successful conclusion and create an effective shampoo and conditioner with hypoallergenic properties.

A wide array of ingredient combinations were trialled and tested by Here2Grow over 2½ years. During this phase, the most viable prototypes were submitted to Hairmedic for evaluation and feedback. In the latter stages of development, an official clinical study was performed, during which the feel, foam, texture performance, viscosity, odour, colour, sustainable ingredient levels, physical microbiological stability and ingredient compatibility were balanced against each other. In the final stage, the formulation was put through a safety assessment process, including the evaluation of toxicity, with the resulting formulation benefiting both oily and dry scalps, significantly reducing dandruff, itching and hyperseborrhea, and addressing the efficacy of anti-fungal activity.

A clinical hypoallergenic test on over 50 participants showed zero response of irritation or sensitisation of the shampoo product. The study also showed that regular use of the scalp therapy system significantly reduced dandruff by 40%. With these very positive results, Hairmedic could claim that the shampoo has hypoallergenic properties.

“Throughout this challenging project, Henry always maintained a positive outlook, knew exactly what he was doing and was excellent at problem-solving and what to utilise to get the desired result,” said Hairmedic’s Iain Sallis. “We now have a product that does exactly what we want it to, and the feedback so far has been fantastic. Here2Grow has provided us with an effective and efficient one-stop-shop, ranging from formulation, testing to regulatory support.”

Here2Grow’s Dr Henry Brew added: “This has been an intricate and progressive journey, and we are collectively delighted to be able to deliver a final product. The project itself was unique in that it focussed on scalp health as opposed to hair, which of course added to the complexities of the formulation development and creation.”

Haircalma shampoo is available to buy HERE and the conditioner will be available very soon.

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