Iberchem presents [Matières] at in-cosmetics Global, Paris

Published: 28-Mar-2024

In the exhibition [Matières], Iberchem explores the attributes of a perfume bottle beyond its role as a vessel: texture, substance, matter, and technique

An investigation of the synthesis and synergies that exist between the fragrance and its receptacle. [Matières] will be presented at this year’s in-cosmetics Global (Paris, April 16-18) in the Fragrance Zone.

The perfumers at Iberchem collaborated with artists to create a common object, for which the logical boundaries between the fluid and solid cease to exist. Together, they revisited the definition of a fragrance compound.

On this occasion, visitors will be invited to discover four original fragrances whose olfactory profile was developed based on the characteristics of their vials. The result is an object where the bottle (solid) and the fragrance (liquid) make one.

Iberchem presents [Matières] at in-cosmetics Global, Paris

"We often create fragrances inspiring ourselves from memories or trends,” says María Ángeles Santiago, Perfumer at Iberchem. "Sometimes, inspiration comes from the raw materials we work with. Also, we often simply answer the requirements of our customers’ briefs. To explore the characteristics of the bottle in which our creations are presented and create a fragrance based on its attributes was something new. It is usually the opposite: the bottle conveys the fragrance storytelling. Therefore, the result is different".

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