Natural Coverage Foundation

Published: 23-Feb-2024

Nowadays, cosmetics are shifting to ingredients that are environmentally friendly

A branch of cosmetics where it is challenging to find good alternative microplastic-free ingredients is the makeup. A brand-new formulation called the Natural Coverage Foundation demonstrates that formulating makeup is perfectly possible without any compromise while respecting nature.

The Natural Coverage Foundation is a completely microplastic-free W/O formulation. The strength of the formulation is its simplicity. Powered by NEOCARE P3R, this formula delivers a seamless finish that feels like a second skin. This foundation is a flawless fusion of lightness, comfort, and impeccable coverage.

The foundation illustrates very well how NEOCARE P3R and GOSULIN® IL efficiently aid in dispersing the pigments. First, GOSULIN® IL is a natural emollient that replaces cyclomethicones. Second, the dispersing efficacy of NEOCARE P3R was proven by comparing it to the well-established dispersing agent Polyhydroxystearate. Usually, when pigments are dispersed with oil, they form an undesirable paste-like structure. The better the pigments are dispersed into the oil, the lower the viscosity of the mixture becomes. With NEOCARE P3R the viscosity is much lower than Polyhydroxystearate ( Figure 1 ), meaning that NEOCARE P3R outsmarts Polyhydroxystearate in dispersing. On top of NEOCARE P3R being a better dispersing agent, it also improves the dispersing at lower dosages than Polyhydroxystearate. Neocare P3R is also palm-free and more cost-effective.

So, this formulation hopefully shines new inspiring ideas onto natural makeup formulations.

Natural Coverage Foundation

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