Gobiotics welcomes you at in-cosmetics Global 2024

Published: 9-Apr-2024

The 2024 edition of in-cosmetics Global will be the absolute highlight in the history of Gobiotics. This year more than ever Gobiotics are ready to welcome everyone to their beautiful skin microbiome sanctuary. The booth is located at 2D41

At in-cosmetics, Gobiotics will launch four new ingredients that are all wrapped in a spell of naturality and high performance. These new ingredients guide your imagination on a path through the seasons. StabiCare™ COLD steps into a wintery world of cold processable O/W emulsifiers. StabiCare™ COLD is completely natural and up to now, it has never been so easy to make emulsions and care for the planet. Spring is the time when nature awakens. StabiCare™ BLOOM enters a cosmetic garden in the blossom of an incredibly easy-to-use emulsifier for hydrophilic oils. StabiCare™ SOLUB is a reminder of a warm day at the beach. StabiCare™ SOLUB is a natural microplastic-free solubiliser. GOSULIN® CLOUD finalises our journey in the autumn. This completely microplastic-free styling polymer is ideal for misty sprays. The hair will still remain in shape, no matter how stormy it is during this windy period of the year.

Gobiotics welcomes you at in-cosmetics Global 2024

The innovation zone will be the perfect opportunity to discover the enchanting strengths of StabiCare™ COLD. At the innovation zone, a formula, produced at room temperature, with StabiCare™ COLD will be displayed. The formula is fully natural and luxuriously smooth. It empowers your skin for the day ahead, providing a natural and supportive touch.

Gobiotics has two major pillars. On one hand, the passion of the skin microbiome drives us to discover prebiotics; making visible results by acting on the invisible world. On the other hand, there is a continuous search for natural, better-performing ingredients. The sustainability zone at in-cosmetics Global is the perfect opportunity to share the Gobiotics’ philosophy.

Patrick Gonry will speak Thursday the 18th of April at the Sustainability Zone Theatre. The speech unravels the mysteries of inulin. Not only is inulin a powerful prebiotic, but it is also a sustainable ingredient. Time after time, inulin surprises in all its applications. Inulin improves acne-prone skin, supports sensitive eczema skin and delicate baby skin, it even protects the teeth and gums, reflecting on the overall health of the body. The presentation gives a behind-the-scenes opportunity on the sustainable production process of inulin.

On top of everything, in-cosmetics Global will be the official release of the rebranded marketing brochures. In the past six months, the Gobiotics team relentlessly and ambitiously revisited all existing ingredients. Full of excitement, it is now the time to share the new brochures with the world.

Gobiotics welcomes you at in-cosmetics Global 2024

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