90% of women say their ‘memory age’ is younger than they actually are

By Lucy Tandon Copp 15-May-2017

How women picture themselves in their minds and how old they actually are do not necessarily match up

The majority of women picture themselves as younger than they actually are, a survey by Skin by Lovely has revealed.

Analysing 350 US women aged 30-70, the cosmetic procedure clinic found that 90% of respondents carry a memory age that is younger than their actual age.

Of these, 37% picture themselves as six to ten years younger, while 25% said one to five years.

However, the same percentage admitted they were surprised by how much older they actually look.

Memory milestones

Memory age was seen to be associated with different milestones in a woman’s life including getting married (13%), the birth of a child (14%) and falling in love (16%).

However, the biggest association was career success at 23%.

Picture perfect?

Youthfulness, fewer wrinkles and better skin were found to be the main differences between how the respondents pictured themselves in their mind and how old they really are.

Many said they are willing to spend on products or treatments in order to look like their memory age.

Nearly 70% said they would be prepared to part with $500-$800 in order to revert back to how they think they look, compared with 11% who were willing to spend over $2,000.

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Those aged between 30 and 44 were most likely to have tried injectables to combat ageing at 30%, compared with just 6% of women aged 50-70.


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